Five Seven Five (The Boy with Words) (Volume 1) - C.L. Wilson


I was quite surprised the direction that this story ended up going. It was clear that not all was right in White’s world, living an extremely sheltered life, never even seeing the sky. But I wasn’t expecting what it ended up being! I loved the idea of these Forgotten Ones and their unique story.



I don’t really feel like I connected with the characters. White was pretty immature, whether that was a product of her sheltered environment or not, I’m not totally sure. There were times when she was discovering something new that I did find her endearing, the way she marveled at the things we take for granted. I liked the way her excitement and awe made Kes seem to rediscover the magic in them too. Kes was sweet, but I just never felt fully invested in him either.


Some things still felt kind of unresolved by the end. I would have loved to see White face some of her old demons and return to where it all began. I think it might have been nice to see what became of Salt and his sister, and even President Copper. I was also kind of unsure what had really changed between Kes and White. While I wanted to root for them to be together, I was kind of hoping they were going to find a way to do so on…ummm…level ground. I get that there’s an awesome message behind this ending, loving someone despite seeming insurmountable differences and all that, but it just still felt like those differences were too much, at least for me. 


All in all this was an interesting tale and I’d be curious to see what this author does in the future!


I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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