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Hard to Resist


K.M. Neuhold

Hard to resist K.M. Nuehold Ebook Cover copy



She’s the one girl I wasn’t supposed to want. But some things are just too Hard to Resist.


Since I was five years old I’ve had two best friends: Chase and his twin sister Hadley. Unfortunately for me Hadley isn’t a little kid anymore and I can’t stop seeing her as more than a friend. Even more unfortunate, Chase says if I lay a finger on her he’ll never speak to me again, so no matter how difficult it is I have to resist her.


I fell in love with my best friend Ravi when I was sixteen. Now, I’m eighteen and I’ve made a decision; before I go to college I’m giving Ravi my virginity.

After one steamy summer together Ravi and Hadley are at odds because they just can’t seem to agree on the direction to take their relationship. Hadley wants it all, while Ravi just wants to make sure his best friend, Chase, never finds out what happened between the two of them. When they’re forced to live together will Ravi be able to resist the woman he hasn’t stopped thinking about for over a year, or will it be too hard to resist?

***Each book in the Sexy Nerd Boys series can be read as a stand alone novel

***This book contains adult language and descriptive sex scenes

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About The Author

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My passion is the written word. Whether I’m reading or writing, I never feel happier than when I have a good book on hand. I love to read sci-fi, fantasy, and romance. However, I typically only write romance (for now at least).

The most important thing to me in regards to my writing is to create strong female characters and men who are secure enough in their masculinity to handle these fiery women.

In addition to strong female characters I have an obsession with nerd culture and can’t help but make it a theme in my books


Author Links

Facebook | Instagram | Website | Amazon | twitter: @kmneuhold | GoodReads

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