In Another Life - Carys Jones




  I have some mixed feelings about this story. There were some really cool ideas here, like really freaking cool. The fantasy element was super interesting to me, honestly it was my favorite part. Which ultimately ended up being slightly disappointing because that was not necessarily present throughout most of the book. Okay, I am getting ahead of myself a little here, Let’s start at the beginning…



once upon a time.jpg



So things were a little confusing for me at first. We met the main character Marie, and you started understanding very quickly that she was a girl that just didn’t fit in. She was floundering in pretty much all areas of her life, hopping from job to job, had a finance who was nice enough to say yes to, yet he really didn’t understand her. Which makes sense as she didn’t really seem to understand herself either. Marie always felt as if she was something…more. Like she was royalty and she still believed in fairy tales and she didn’t quite get why no one else thought the same. This was a little strange for me. It was hard for me to understand why she would feel this way. This does end up getting answered later, but it was baffling to me at the beginning. It kind of ended up distancing me from Marie rather than bringing me closer. But things progress at a steady pace and suddenly Marie is in a terrible accident that leaves her in a coma. Here is where things really pick up for me.





Suddenly she is in this vastly different world. It is unlike any place she has ever seen. This had a very Oz feel to it. Beautiful and enchanting. Things start to happen there as she explores and meets new people, and discovers hidden truths about herself. All the while her family is distraught in waking world, pleading for her to return to them. It was an odd mixture of feelings being so enthralled with this new place and wanting to see more of that but also feeling quite bad for her family that just wanted their loved one to be with them once again. I was torn for which I wanted to see happen more! This new world was very interesting to me, and while it sounded super cool, I was left feeling like we only scratched the surface of it. It was like looking at a beautifully imagined shell and finding it rather sparse on the inside. I wanted more of this promising place. I wanted to get lost there along with Marie. It just never fully developed to me.



The second half of the book takes quite a different turn than I was expecting. It was a little darker than I anticipated it being. This book went from happy fairytale like material to REAL LIFE STRUGGLES in the blink of an eye. I was shocked.




what-just-happened i-understand-nothing


While I applaud the very real emotions brought up in this part, it was so vastly different from the tone of the first half I almost felt as if I was reading a completely different story. Honestly towards this point in the story I started feeling more connected to her Fiancé, Sebastian and Marie’s parents. Seeing them struggle and try and cope with their new reality was much more engaging and moving to me than anything Marie had going on in her otherworldly issues. 



In the end I found that I did enjoy this story, even though I ultimately felt like I was reading two very different kinds of stories. I liked elements of both sides, but I felt like in having two sides of a coin being developed here, in the end neither was as grand as it could have been.



I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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