The Destined (Dreamland) - E.J. Mellow

“Words, Dev thought, never did the job the speaker wanted them to”
I couldn’t agree more. I’ve had over a day to gather my thoughts and attempt to articulate just how amazing this book was, and I fear that I still can’t find the words to truly do it justice. I can tell you that this book was an emotional journey; an experience for all your senses. Mellow has an incredible way of whisking you away into her dreamworld and making it so you dread the moment you’ll inevitably have to come back to reality.
One of my favorite things was the way every chapter started with a little piece of the letters between Dev and Molly. It was comforting, even when things were at their most chaotic and seemed the darkest, it was a little bit of light and hope that warmed you from the inside out. The writing was lyrical and even quite poetic at times. The way Mellow describes things paint the most vivid, visceral images. My kindle highlighter got quite the workout! There were so many touching and beautiful moments in this story, but there was also darkness, pain, war and loss. This series has been building up to this, and you knew going in that things weren’t going to be all sunshine and roses. I wouldn’t change a minute of it though, like they say, it is always darkest before the dawn. And this dawn is worth the wait.
Being the only Dreamer with the responsibility of saving not just one, but two worlds from destruction, that’s a lot of pressure! I have to say one thing I loved about Molly, even with the weight of worlds on her shoulders, and the immense power she had at her fingertips, she always stayed humble, kind, brave, and just an all around ideal heroine. Dev was swoon-worthy, as per usual. I love the way he supports and cherishes Molly. They truly shine together. As much as I love the two of them, I equally, if not even more, LOVE the friendships in this series. Many of them reached all new heights in The Destined and I couldn’t help being in awe of how amazing these characters are, and how much I have come to adore them.
From start to finish I simultaneously wanted to savor this and make it last and devour every word all at once. It was hard saying goodbye to this world and all it’s inhabitants, but all good things must come to an end. And this end was perfection. So even though I will miss Terra and all my favorite characters, I ultimately feel like I am walking away from this story feeling a divine sense of contentment. I can also  definitely see myself doing a complete series reread in the near future, when I am needing a dreamy escape from reality.
I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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