Isle - Jes Dory


    A remote island full of mystery and myth, hidden powers, and an old prophecy made Isle an interesting page turner. I truly loved the setting of this story. Stone Isle was such a cool backdrop to the huge mystery involving Nora’s past, present, and future. The characters were compelling as well. Every time I picked this book up I found myself completely engrossed in the story and I didn’t want to put it down…alas real life demanded my attention repeatedly though so I couldn’t devour this the way I wanted to.



The only thing I was kind of ify about was the initial love interest that turned out to be a really awkward situation. I get why it was done, but it still had a weird vibe going on for a bit. I did feel like the turn around from this situation felt a little rushed too, but I’d be interested to see if that ultimately gets explained a little in the next book, or if a lot of that has a something to do with this “bond” that took place.



I really appreciated the enthralling myths this island and its inhabitants were involved in too. That ending was fantastic, and it definitely made me want more! I will eagerly be awaiting the next installment!

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