I’m happy to put this month’s spotlight on Indie Books Gone Wild, one of the fabulous organizations that sponsor this year’s Ozarks Indie Book Fest! 

Indie Books Gone Wild has made it their mission to remove the stigma that surrounds Indie published books. Which is pretty awesome in my book! Check out their mission statement below to get more of an idea how they make this happen.
Indie Books Gone Wild Mission Statement:

Our mission at IBGW is to remove the stigma currently surrounding Indie published books.



When a reader picks up a book with our name on the copyright page, they’ll know they won’t find flow, spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors in the story. Yes, we have lofty goals!


But, beyond what we wish to provide to readers, here’s what we give our authors:


  • Education – With each edit, you’ll learn what to do next time so your book is the best it can be. Links will be sprinkled throughout your editing comments so you learn as you go.

  • Promotion – We love our authors! There are no affiliate links on the site. We’re here to help you shout to the world about your book being available for purchase. Why? Because when you succeed, we succeed.

  • Customer Service – If you don’t feel like your editor is your new best friend once your book has been through their capable hands, we’ll be surprised. Again, we adore our authors! We’re here to work with you; not at you.

  • Minimal Confusion – We do line edits only so you get the whole enchilada every time. No need to go to three different kinds of editor to polish your book to a high shine. Plus, with every contract, we give you a proofread that’s done by one of our team members! Quality control.

  • Communication – Ever waited three days for your editor or formatter to get back to you? That doesn’t happen here. Our editors and formatters are the best responders out there.


Look for the IBGW logo when you’re considering an editor or formatter. Whether you find them here or elsewhere, you’ll know they’ll treat you and your book with the highest regard.


What are you waiting for? Work with the best editing team and most creative formatting team now. Choose an editor or formatterfill out our form, and someone will be in touch with you shortly!


Don’t forget to join our mailing list here! We give away books! We don’t share your information, and you’ll only get an e-mail when one of our authors releases a new title.

Indie Books Gone Wild provides a number of services, including proof reading, editing and formatting. You can find out more info on their website here. Thank you Indie Books Gone Wild for your generosity in sponsoring OIBF!

You can find tickets to OIBF here.

Find out more info about Ozarks Indie Book Fest here.

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