Recursion - Blake Crouch

It has now been 4 days since I finished Recursion and I’m still not sure how to put what I feel about it into any kind of coherent review. Please accept my following disjointed ramblings as they are my best attempt at doing so.



It is quite impressive to me, after reading this and Dark Matter, how expertly Crouch intertwines such extensive high concept science fiction plots so seamlessly alongside really emotionally driven character story lines. Each of these on their own would make for highly enjoyable stories but the combination, and the way neither takes from one another but instead adds to it all as a whole, really hits it out of the park.



I wasn’t prepared for all the feels. There was something incredibly heartbreaking and beautiful in the way these characters loved, and what they were willing to do for it or give up for it. Whether romantic love, familial love, or even the love of knowledge and discovery. Helena and Barry slayed me. So much loss, struggle, and disappointment. You honestly began to feel the unbearable weight that Helena carried, like a living breathing beast of burden on your back dragging down to the bowels of Recursion hell. But then there were painfully beautiful things hidden in between this that were so unexpected and moving.



I can’t begin to do any kind of justice in talking about the more scientific end of things here. Crouch has a real way of taking mind-bending scientific theories and explaining them in a way that makes it fairly easy for anyone to follow along with. Surprisingly, no matter how scientifically in depth the plot, he also manages to keep the flow of the story moving at a steady to breakneck pace. Never to be a dull moment.



I can safely say that Crouch is quickly becoming an auto-buy author for me. I can’t wait to see what glorious thing he comes up with next!

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