The God Game - Danny Tobey


The God Game takes technology turning against us to that even scarier level, because really it’s US turning against each other and ourselves. Technology is the glorious monster we have created, and we merrily revel in it, ensnared by its siren song. Give us connection, show me people like me, curious, hopeful, shy, angry, secretive…wanting. Pretty it up with smiles and items I need. Sell me the life, the look, the power, the status, the praise, the community, the voice, the escape, the very thing I so desperately desire. The thing we don’t always like to ask is what’s the cost? There’s an insideousnesss to it, the very thing that makes us feel so connected is the thing that can most disconnect us from vital components, consequences, shame, our surroundings, the people sitting right next to us. I absolutely love when these things are explored like they were in this novel. It can be kinda dark and twisty but it never seems all that outlandish, and the best part to me is that it says more about the human condition than it does the technological boogeyman (that’s already in the house *gasp*) in so many delicious ways.



It felt very fitting to have this being explored with teenagers especially, I think. The generation that has had this modern marvel at their fingertips their entire lives. I thought maybe it was possible that the darkness of the novel would be toned down to suit the YA genre, but it wasn’t and I love that. Also, I think the age of the characters helped in a way bring a lightness to the story that ended up being a wonderful balance. There’s an earnestness and innocence in kids that age, but also a naivety and malleability that can be dangerous in certain situations. Tobey truly gave us a superb little band of misfits we could root for.



I honestly had a hard time putting this book down each time I picked it up, which was typically late at night when tasks were finished and all was quiet. 3 sittings was all it took and it would have been less had I not started each time at 11pm. This author tells one hell of a story and he does so well. The God Game is a page turner that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very satisfying conclusion. I’ll be looking for more from Danny Tobey.


I received an ARC of this book from St. Martin’s Press and this is my honest review.

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