4 out of 5 stars

The Stone God surprised me. I don’t even know why as Kellison has wowed me time and time again with her stories. It has been awhile since I read a new one though and this was definitely something new in every sense. I thought the Gods were written perfectly. Especially after that tidbit at the very end. They were larger than life, meddlesome in usually disastrous ways, demanding of worship but also charmed by surprising dissent. The “good ones” seem to have love for their children but they also nudge, push and all out jujitsu them like pawns on their board playing out their larger games because they know best. It remains to be seen if that is indeed the case, and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

The Gods’ children are interesting. I feel like we may have only scratched the surface of them thus far. Terah is a fun MC. She is headstrong and impulsive and it makes for a really exciting read with her at the helm. Edge and Adom are intriguing as well. I really want to see Adom with all his carefully placed chains off, which I get the feeling we will glimpse in the sequel. Edge turned out differently than I anticipated. He struck me even more so than most to be blindly serving his God but his actions later in the story impressed me. There was a bit of romance thrown in here but I think there is much more to come. I especially think this forced proximity thing foreshadowed at the end of this one will prove VERY ENTERTAINING.

I am super pumped to continue on with this tale! The Stone God was a fabulous start to what I hope is a grand series!

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