I love a good story with an unshakable bond between animal and human! This book did not disappoint in that regard. The inevitable bond between Sena and Iska was heartwarming to watch grow, especially in the midst of such a cold cold world, and I mean that in every sense. Another big like for me with this story was the accomplished world building. Long really brought the tundra and all its many challenges, and some  charms as well, to life. In this area, with all the expansive talk about the evil corpos, I wish a little more had been shown directly of their malfeasance. I mean, I definitely got the gist and how hard life on the tundra was for most was apparent, but you never really get to see a glimpse of the renowned wizard behind the curtain so to speak. Which was to me maybe a bit of a missed opportunity.

I quite enjoyed the ragtag crew of knowledge seekers Sena found herself a reluctant part of. Remy was maybe my favorite character in this story, second only to Iska of course! Oddly enough, we only get a little tidbit of Remy’s life before she meets up with Sena but quite honestly it was one of the most intriguing things I heard throughout the whole book. I’m sad it was thrown out there almost nonchalantly and to be honest I’m dying to know more about Remy’s past. Sign me up for that book please. I’ll also gladly take a Remy, Sena and Iska’s grand adventures story. Just sayin’.

I received an arc of this book from Wednesday Books via Netgalley and this is my honest review.

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