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Hey-o!! I’m here today to talk a little about the Ozarks Indie Book Fest and the amazing lineup of Authors that will be there! The Ozarks Indie Book Fest is a wonderful event that brings indie authors, bloggers and readers together in Springfield, Missouri! It will take place on Thursday, October 19, 2017 at 4:00 PM Sunday, October 22, 2017 at 12:00 PM. All proceeds from the event will go to benefit Companions for Heroes and Loving Paws Rescue.

Ozarks Indie Book Fest authors list


You can find tickets here.

You can also find out more information on the Ozarks Official Site.

Below is a list of the authors you will have the opportunity to meet should you attend!


our authors


Christina Benjamin KEYNOTE SPEAKER : Facebook

Katie M. John PANELIST : Facebook

Carlyle Labuschagne KEYNOTE SPEAKER : Facebook

 Jo Michaels KEYNOTE SPEAKER : Facebook
Tia Silverthorne Bach PANELIST : Goodreads
Kassandra Kush PANELIST : Facebook
Allyson Gottlieb PANELIST : Facebook 
Lisa Marie PANELIST : Facebook
Jennifer Burrows : Facebook
Tich Brewster : Facebook
Elise Faber : Facebook
Lorraine Britt : Facebook
Jodi Vaughn : Facebook
MariaLisa deMora : Facebook
Alyssa Rose Ivy : Facebook
*Landra Graf : Facebook
Teresa McRae : Facebook
*Katie Roman : Facebook
Riann C. Miller : Facebook
Cathlin Shahriary : Facebook
Kristann Monaghan : Goodreads
Amy Hale : Facebook
S.M. Smith : Facebook
Jeanine Binder : Facebook
C.J. Pinard : Facebook
Kelly Risser : Facebook
C.K. Green : Facebook
Lyssa Layne : Facebook
Amber C. Polk
Jimmy Lewis
Nicole Stephenson
Miranda Johnson
There are still plenty of sponsorship opportunities available as well!
Ozarks sponcership
Keep up with the latest and greatest Ozarks Indie Book Fest info here, as well as the following fabulous blogs…
Hope to see you there!

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