Hello all you fellow bookaholics! We are now officially less than a year away from all the awesomeness that is the Ozarks Indie Book Fest! I was thinking it would be a good time to go over some helpful tips and tricks to making the absolute most of your OIBF experience.


  1. SLEEP.


Make sure you get a decent night of sleep before you get there. There is a lot going on once you arrive, walking, talking, shopping, etc. You don’t want to crash halfway into the day, so be sure that you are well rested. This event will likely go on for hours so we also recommend taking a break when needed. Go grab lunch, or just sit for a spell and recharge those batteries.


2.  Map it out!


One thing that helps to make sure you are seeing everyone you want to see, and doing all you want to be doing, is making a plan. I’m not saying meticulously plan out every single minute you’ll be there, but it can sometimes almost seem overwhelming when you first step into a book festival. There are so many people and shiny bookish goodness glittering everywhere the eye can see, having a general idea of where to go and who you would like to meet up with will help make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

Many authors will also have books that you can pre-order which guarantees that you can order ahead of the big day, which will guarantee that you receive a copy of the books you want. Authors only bring so many copies of their books to the festival so it is possible that they sell out. You can usually find pre-order links by checking out the author’s website or social media channels leading up to the event.


3. Come prepared.


There are many useful items you can bring along to the OIBF that will make your life 100x easier…


Sharpies! It helps to have these handy for all of your signing needs! Besides books, authors will sometimes sign programs, tote bags, etc. so it is great to have the right tools if you are wanting things like that done.



The bin on wheels is a HUGE help. I don’t know if you realize this, but books get heavy to lug around after awhile! This bin holds a bunch of your goodies, without the extra strain from hauling around for hours. Tote bags are an okay alternative. The first book fest I attended, I brought a few totes and they were lifesavers, but I saw loads of people with this bins on wheels and was super jealous after about an hour of carrying over 15 books around with me. A backpack would be a good alternative as well.




Comfy shoes are a MUST! I promise you after being on your feet all day, you will be incredibly thankful if you opt for your favorite sneakers rather than the (likely adorable) pumps.




I definitely recommend bringing cash with you. Some authors will offer services to pay with cards, but most will only be accepting cash. It also helps to set a general limit for yourself. It can get crazy in there with so many different amazing books, authors and wonderful bookish goodies available in one spot. I like to have a list of books I know I need, and then leave myself room for new authors and stories that jump out at me. You’ll be surprised how often that happens! OIBF is a great way to see your favorite authors, as well as discover brand new favorites! Be prepared for both.




Another great thing to have handy are some snacks and water. Staying hydrated and not getting hangry in the middle of your book festival experience is definitely something you want to keep in mind. Being a mom, I always have a granola bar or something floating around in my purse at all times, along with tissues and my sanity (which I can never seem to find!). It’s just a good idea to bring a little something to tide you over until lunch or dinner.


A few other things that can be useful include:

  • Gallon size Ziploc bags. These can help protect your precious purchases when transporting from point A to point B.
  • Sticky notes. If you bring books with you that you would like signed, it can save time to have a sticky note on the page you would like signed with how you would like it personalized written clearly on it.
  • Breath mints. So while chatting away your breath is always so fresh and so clean!
  • Lastly, come with a smile and ready to have fun! This is a wonderful place to meet up with people you know and love, as well as make new friends that will share in all your bookish delights!


Hopefully these tips will help you to make your Ozarks Indie Book Fest experience go off without a hitch! Please feel free to comment with any tips or tricks that you have picked up from your book fest experiences! I look forward to seeing you at OIBF in 2017!




*Special thanks to Joc from Brains, Beauty and BOOKS! for some useful tips that I will be using at my next book fest trip,as well!*




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