Speechless by Hannah Harrington

5 out of 5

First and foremost….


I honestly couldn’t believe how much I liked this. I kept putting this book off in favor of others, my normal paranormal YA books and I regret not reading this sooner.

I recommend Speechless to anyone with teenagers, or to anyone who has ever made a mistake and wish you could take it back.

The MC Chelsea Knot is basically the biggest gossip in her school and best friends with the most popular girl, Chelsea had made it her role to spread nasty rumors about her fellow students. At a new years eve party, she witnesses something and of course she can’t keep her mouth shut and blabs loudly to her best friend. Needless to say, just about everyone heard her. Because of Chelsea’s actions a fellow classmate ends up in the hospital while two others end up getting arrested. After learning about who was involved, she decided to turn them in; to do the right thing. She also takes a vow of silence… because she realizes that because of her, someone almost lost their life.

Speechless dealt with everything from underage drinking, to bullying, to gay and lesbian issues. I wanted to cry for Chelsea as well as smack up side the head for being a dumbass! I know that there probably won’t be a second book, that Speechless is a stand alone but I truly wish for a proper ending. I want to know what happens to the boys that were arrested, did they go to court? What happened? I want to know what happened with Noah, did he fully recover? I want to know what happened with Chelsea, and to know that she hasn’t slipped into old ways. Hannah Harrington has me thinking about the what-if’s constantly.

I know that a lot of people will think that this book is too controversial for kids but if you are being honest with yourself then you know that your kids swear and drink behind your back. If you think they don’t then you’re being ignorant. Speechless is one of those books that I think everyone needs to read, especially high schoolers. Some teenagers and adults need to know the consequences of their actions.

Seriously, read this book! NOW!

This ARC was provided by Harlequin via NetGalley…. Thanks!!

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